You, Me and the Sea.

life with deus

Easy. Easy like a sunday morning. 
This words pretty much summed up our adventure to the surf town of Baler. It was a stormy weekend that time but we still had an awesome time. Plus getting to spend these days with the family is always a great idea despite the flat surf.

The weekend was also our first time camping out with our little man. The last time we did this was when he was still in my tummy in Calaguas. So  for the weekend, we stayed at Charlie's Point at Easy Adventure. It was a bit far from the town but the idea of glamping is so much fun that we don't mind travelling a few minutes away from Sabang.

Although I was a bit scared at first, travelling with an infant with no electricity seemed like a far-cry. I mean really, no electricity and a baby in tow. Crazy right? But we managed to survive. Eventhough the weather was a bit gloomy, I still can't get over the view from our tent, the fireflies in the night, the lake in front, the beach and the greenery. It was a really wonderful experience for me and the family.

We also visited Costa Pacifica where the rest of the family are staying. It was a super fun weekend. Baler by far has always been our favorite surf destination. 

 Deus checking out the scenery.

The greatest view from here.


Storm's coming.


Happy face. Irita face.

Playing in the surf.

Costa Pacifica.

Super stoked baby.

It has been a year since we welcomed our most precious bundle of joy. Deus came into the world on what was supposed to be a normal delivery that turned into an emergency C-Section. I was 9-cm into labor when his heart beat started dropping and signs of meconium present inside my womb. And then at 1230pm of September 9, 2015 our greatest adventure to date was born and we couldn't be more ecstatic.

So on his first birthday, we decided to celebrate it by going on a surf trip up north and stayed at Flotsam and Jetsam Hostel. True to our family's fashion. Deus had a blast playing in the sand and water. It was a weekend of sea, sun and love. 

Deus and Inay playing in the surf.

The Sea-Suite Room where Meemaw and sisters stayed.

The restaurant that serves super yummy food. 

The door to our room.

The porch.

So comfy.

Deus in a Tuktuk.

Start 'em young. Surf lessons with Itay.

Happy 1st My Love! To more adventures with you and Itay. I love you my mahina.

How to Achieve Shabby Chic Style?

Shabby Chic is an eclectic style that combines rustic furnitures with pastel colors, lace or florals. If you love this style, then you are in luck because achieving this look is very cheap and easy.

Here are some tips when decorating:
  • Paint the room white. This is the easiest way to create a dreamy look in your home.
  • Add touches of pastel. 
  • Use earthly or natural accents. I used burlap and made it into a small window curtain.
  • Salvage fixture is the focal point of our small kitchen. We used a mason jar and made it into a sconce. A cheap and easy way of lighting up the room.

Gone are the days spent like this. 
Because I'd rather spend it with you.
Instead of staring into the sea, I would rather look at you. 
Instead of playing in the waves, I will choose to play with you. 

Gone are these days because I now have you. 
Gone are these days because I will now spend it with you. 
You, me and the sea. 
My life with you. 

It has been two months since I went back to work and I now finally had the chance to start blogging again. Juggling my time between being a mom, my job and being a spouse is no easy task.

Working for the biggest on-line fashion company in the Philippines and going back during our busiest time of the year after my maternity leave was not a joke. Running in between meetings, trying to stay on top of everything, planning and managing. Till now, I still think I haven't gotten my A-game back but it gets better each day. Everyday is a learning process and striking a balance between work and life is a dilemma all working moms are facing. 

Here are the things that I learned during my transition. I hope this helps all struggling moms out there as they evolve to their new phase in life.

1. Do your research. The internet is the cradle of wisdom. You can find sensible tips, helpful forums and groups of working moms in the internet that can help you in your transition.

2. Stock-up. If you are a breast-feeding mom and you plan to exclusively breastfeed your baby, you should start stocking your supply a couple of weeks before you go back to work. I started stocking my milk three weeks before I went back. 

3. Ask for help. Deus was still 2 months old when I went back to work and I seriously didn't think I can entrust my baby to a stranger. Great thing that I have a very supportive mother who is very willing to care for Deus while I am away for work. Again, thanks Meemaw!

4. Create a schedule. Planning is the key. By creating a schedule and sticking to it can help you accomplish more. My day usually starts with expressing milk for Deus, preparing breakfast, taking a bath, and so on. Once you stick to your routine, you will eventually ease your way and accomplishing chores will come naturally without you even realizing it. 

5. Do a dry-run. 

6. Be good to your self. It is okay to take a breather once in a while. Remember, things get better each day. Do not stress your self out.  Always take care of yourself. 

Being a working mom is never easy but we can make it a little less overwhelming. After all, it is them that we are "slaving over" for. 
Custom Bangle from Bicspoke

Yesterday, Deus celebrated his 2nd month which means I only have 2 weeks left before I go back to work. And the thought of this is already making me anxious. Being a first time mom, I don't know how I will manage to be apart from him for the most part of the day. How he and my mother is doing? Or if I missed a new milestone from him. But most of all, I'd probably be constantly worrying if he is getting enough sustenance since I intend to exclusively breastfeed him, well, until I am able to. 
Two-weeks and I'm still doing a lot of research on exclusive breastfeeding. Scheduling, increasing my milk supply; basically, working and pumping. I know now the true definition of multi-tasking. 

For working supermoms out there, any tips you can share with me? 

All roads lead to the sea. New collection for your wanderlusting needs, coming soon.